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We would like to point out that for the implementation of the contract we store data in accordance to § 23 of the Federal Data Protection Law.

The data obtained through the use of the Internet will be used only within our company and evaluated by members of our company and its representatives. 


Disclaimer – Legal Considerations

1. Limitation of Liability

The contents of this website are put together with the greatest of care. The provider does not guarantee the quality of the provided information, or whether it is up-to-date, correct or complete. By using the contents of the website, the user is acting at his own risk. In particular, quotations marked as such represent the opinion of their author and not always the one of the provider. With the use alone of the website, no contractual relationship arises between user and provider.

2. External Links

This website contains links to third party websites („external links“). These websites are the responsibility of their respective providers. At the time of the first setting of the external link, the provider did check their contents as to possible statutory violations. At that particular time, no statutory violations were evident. The provider has no influence whatsoever over the actual and future configuration and over the contents of the linked websites. The setting of external links does not mean that the provider identifies with the contents of the links. The provider cannot reasonably be expected to continuously control those external links without concrete evidence of statutory violations. If statutory violations become known, the eternal links will be immediately deleted.

3. Copyright and Ancillary Copyright

The released contents of this website are subject to the German copyright and ancillary copyright.  Each non-authorized utilization of the German copyright and ancillary copyright requires the prior written authorization of the provider or of the respective holder of the rights. This is especially valid as far as duplication, handling, translating, saving, processing and as the case may be reproduction of contents in data banks or other electronic mediums and systems. Contents and third party rights are identified as such accordingly. The unauthorized duplication or propagation of single contents or of complete pages are not allowed and are punishable by law. Only copies and downloads for the personal, private and non-commercial use are allowed.

The illustration of this website in outside frames is only allowed if a written authorization has been obtained.

4. Data Protection

By visiting the provider’s website, information over the access (date, time, objects looked at) can be saved. This data is not related to a particular individual and is anonymous. It is used for statistical purposes only. A transmission to a third party, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, does not take place.

The provider emphatically points out that the data transmission in the Internet (for example ex-mail exchange) exhibits security loopholes and cannot be completely protected from access by third parties.

The use for commercial purposes of the contact details featured under “About us” is not welcome, unless the provider has previously given his written authorization or a business relationship already does exist. The provider and all persons named on this website object hereby to any commercial utilisation and transmission of their data.

5. Particular Conditions of Use

Unless particular conditions differ from the previously named nos. 1. till 4 for single use of this website, an appropriate reference will point this out specifically. In that case, the particular conditions of use are valid in each particular case.